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And others will too

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we rate, dont whine
if you bitch your banned!

1. you GOTTA vote on future/non future members if you wanna stay a member yourself

2. for applying just state your name, age, and gender in case it gets confusing ^.^

3. no less then 3 pics, at least 1 clear shot of your face, n body the other 1 have fun with (yes u can go over 4 if u like)

4. banning is a horrible thing, but we will have to under certin circumstances:
- harrassment
- voting on ppl without being memebers
- we WILL NOT tolerate any form of racism or homophobia, whitch i guess are differant forms of harrassmentment, but either way, we're not gonna tolerate it!
- not voting for over 4 days w/o excuse
you will be warned once or twice b4 we ban you, so dont say this is unfair

5. you will be stamped after 3 days of your posting with on of

i think there all self explanitory

6. dont comment on anyone elses entry but yours till your accepted, just cuz you posted your pretty pictures up dosent make you a member

7. if you leave the community, theres no returning! and if you bitch about it, then your just getting banned -.-

8. your entitled to your opinion as a member to tell us things that might make the site better, but if you tell us and we say "no we dont think that would work" dont constently bitch n whine about it, cuz we'll have no choice but to kick ya out

9. entrys must be behind a LJcut dont know what an LJcut is? here: FAQ #75

10. dont smell bad

maintainers (the gods)

Liz (miss dani)


meg (gem matthews)